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For people who are addicted to music

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What is jpop_addiction you ask?

Jpop_addiction is the pet project of musiclost, a jpop fan that once ran a MLJ but found that she no longer had time to upload mp3s every week. This made her sad but she wanted so make sure that she continued to share mp3s, so jop_addiction was born. Jpop_addiction is primarily a jpop mp3 sharing community but it by NO MEANS limited to just that. You can pretty much post anything as long as it is related to music in one way or another. Some examples are mp3s, PVs, CMS, cd scans, music news, album/single reviews, and advertisement for your own music community. The music is not just limited to jpop either, you can post any type of music, regardless of where or what it comes from. Just be aware of some of the consequences of sharing some RIAA affiliated music. I, personally, do not mind if you post it; I just want everyone to be careful!

The rules are pretty lax. Here’s what they are (so far):

1. Your posts have to be related to music in one way or another. That means you can post mp3s, PV, cd scans, reviews, talk about a band you really like or anything else related to music. You don't just have to talk about jpop either, any other type of music is allowed.
2. If you request mp3s, It is polite offer something in return, whether it is a small offering of mp3s or allowing others to pick music from your playlist, or part of your playlist.
3. Comment when you download.
4. Please delete downloaded mp3s after 24 hours.
5. Do not post anything offensive such as racist posts, photographs with nudity, or anything overly hateful.

The community, at the moment, is very new. Honestly, I have no idea if it will even get off the ground. I will do my best to keep it an active, friendly place if you guys do the same!

Also, I have never moderated a community before. If you have any questions or advice, feel free to IM me, E-mail me, or leave a comment on one of my entries.

Make a Beat...

Want to become an Affiliate? It's easy. If you have a jounral/community/website/whatever that has SOMETHING to do with music, just give me an IM, E-mail, or just leave a comment!
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